baby not yet

(by Nathan Angelo & Steve Means)

I / can’t help but watch the clock

I would make it stop

for more time with

you / and your pretty face

in this quiet place

for the whole night through


me and you / yeah, I got room for two


baby, don’t go / come and get close

while the night is young

it’s 12:28 / you might say it’s late

but the day has just begun

you have to say “no” / but I can tell

you wanna say “yes”

but if you gotta go

baby, not yet


I / can make us another drink

you name it anything

for more time with

you / got me in your spell

baby, I can tell

that you feel it too


me and you / we got nothin’ to lose


I can’t see nothin’ wrong

with me wantin’ you and lovin’ you all night long

and if I had my way / baby, I’d get you to stay